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We are a customer-focused and solution-based titanium supplier. We’ll meet your niche needs from the smallest prototype to the largest production requirements.

Why Choose Titanium Arts?

We apply our decades of experience to create a team to meet your business and client needs. The Titanium Arts team has an extremely robust due diligence and shortlisting process, as well as many experienced third-party partners to choose from, located around the world.

Your success is directly proportional to our success.

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Domain Expertise

Titanium Arts has an experienced workforce around the world. These subject matter experts have a wealth of domain knowledge, exposure and expertise who have served multiple companies within an industry or field. It’s like finding a well-trained team for your business, with just some fine-tuning.

They have the skills to understand your business purpose and customer expectations and recommend appropriate strategies to increase efficiency over time.


As these centers work as an extension of your team, the training, processes, technology, expertise, and more are translated in a documented and robust way to ensure service quality is maintained. In fact, the quality usually improves over time due to their expertise.

Titanium Arts shortlisted only those centres with an effective performance management system.

Our Featured Products

We proudly offer the following products. Have a special request or need? Contact us below and we will be happy to meet your specialty metal needs.

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Titanium Ore


The rich potential of titanium as a material is now fully recognized, and its range of applications is increasing day by day. Today, we continue to work closely with our customers to develop new practical applications for this wonder material.




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Titanium FAQs

What is Titanium?

Titanium (Ti) is the ninth most abundant chemical element on Earth. It takes its name from Titan in Greek mythology and is a hard and lustrous transition metal – usually known for its high melting point (about 1670°C) and excellent tensile strength to density ratio.

Like most transition metals, a thin layer of oxide forms on their surface when exposed to air. For most materials, this layer is extremely difficult to penetrate, titanium metal has excellent corrosion resistance (especially due to seawater and chlorine). It is also non-magnetic and biocompatible, and it exhibits excellent flexibility due to its low elastic modulus.

How does titanium compare to other metals?

Titanium is strong and lightweight, making it a desirable metal for many applications. It is also corrosion-resistant, meaning that it does not rust in the presence of moisture. Titanium is slightly more expensive than other metals, but its properties make it a valuable resource.

Why choose us as your titanium supplier?

At titanium-arts, customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. As a premier titanium supplier, our main goal is to provide the highest quality titanium metal as quickly as possible. The size of your order does not matter. We will provide a free no-obligation quote, and all titanium will undergo rigorous “quality assurance” testing before being packaged for shipment.

We are always happy to answer your questions and can advise on whether titanium is the best choice for you. Shop with one of the best titanium suppliers in the country and we guarantee that you will receive the highest standard of service (at a very competitive price!).

What is titanium used for?

Titanium has a wide range of applications across a variety of industries. Some of the most common uses of titanium include:

  • Aerospace – Aircraft parts, engines, landing gear and more can be made from titanium alloys for increased strength and reduced weight.
  • Marine – Titanium bolts, fasteners and fittings are used extensively in boatbuilding and naval architecture due to their resistance to corrosion and fatigue.
  • Automotive – Cars, trucks and other transportation vehicles are often built with titanium alloys to save weight while maintaining strength.
  • Medical – Titanium implants, prostheses and instruments are widely used in both surgery and dentistry because they are biocompatible, non-toxic and durable

What is the process of making titanium?

The process of making titanium begins with the mining of raw titanium ore. The ore is then crushed and screened to remove any impurities. The resulting powder is then heated in a furnace until it liquefies. Specialist alloying agents are then added to the molten titanium to create the desired grade. The titanium is then poured into molds, cooled and solidified. Finally, the finished products are cut and machined to size.

Are there any health risks associated with titanium?

There are no known health risks associated with titanium. Titanium is biologically inert and does not react with the body in any way. It is also non-toxic, meaning it poses no danger to human health.